Rihanna growth in weight

Probably, almost every fashionista early orLate chooses an example for imitation among the celebrities of show business. To a greater extent this is the ideal parameters of the stars, which we see from blue screens and glossy covers. But few people think that the graceful and harmonious figure of this or that actress or singer is a successful work of professional stylists and make-up artists. Masters are fantastically able to hide the belly, cellulite and excess volumes with beautiful outfits, rejuvenate and tighten the face with makeup, lengthen or, on the contrary, shorten the growth with stylish shoes. A striking example of this is the American singer Rihanna, the height and weight of which visually seem to be perfect, but in reality the parameters of the star are not envied by all.

Height and weight - what are the parameters of the figure of Rihanna?

At the very beginning of her career, Rihanna impressed everyoneIts exotic beauty. But, as is usually the case in the life of stars, critics, the press and just envious people had to find faults. They did not have to search for them from the American singer for a long time. It was only necessary to pay attention to its parameters. Just note that the growth of Rihanna reaches 173 cm, which, it would seem, is ideal for a young girl. After all, being tall and slim is the dream of every fashionista. But with such growth parameters Rihanna was pumped up by a figure with a little overweight. Last, by the way, the singer reaches the mark of 63 kilograms. At first glance, the proportions of the physique are classic, and the girl should not have problems. But notice that the legs and thighs of the star are clearly full. Rihanna more than once admitted that she simply could not deny herself such joy, as eating ice cream and sweets. It is not surprising that such weaknesses are reflected in problem areas, periodically capturing the celebrity's belly.

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It is for this reason that Rihanna regularly attends training at the gym and follows a diet.

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