Figure parameters of jennifer lopez

American style icon Jennifer Lopez from the firstDays of her successful vocal career has established itself not only as a talented actress, a good singer and stylish fashionista, but also as an attractive and sexy person. Celebrity never lacked male attention. And it's all about the beautiful figure of Jennifer Lopez, which the star keeps in good shape.

According to the actress herself, she is not thin and does notThick. Jay Lo weighs 59 kilograms. At the same time, the growth of the American star reaches 165 centimeters. With average height and light weight, Jennifer Lopez has received from nature the feminine parameters of the figure. She has narrow shoulders and wide hips, which in volume reach 101 centimeters. But Jennifer's waist is always elegant and without excess roundness, as Lopez holds this area of ​​the figure within 68 centimeters. Such proportions allow Jennifer to select a wardrobe easily and quickly. The singer has never had any problems with clothes or with shoes. Probably, for this reason, the number of dresses of the famous fashionista is so great that it helped her to achieve the status of the style icon.

The figure of Jennifer Lopez

Speaking of the figure of Jennifer Lopez as a whole, you canTo define it one hundred percent in the pear category. Despite the fact that the breast of the star does not differ in large volumes, its hips are very expressive. However, Lopez does not see a lack of this. On the contrary, judging by her wardrobe, which emphasizes the hip zone, the singer considered this gift of nature her dignity. In this case, Jennifer supports a flat stomach and slender legs. Even after the birth of two charming twins by cesarean section, the parameters of the figure of Jennifer Lopez can be envied. And how quickly the singer regained her former attraction after pregnancy, makes many admire.

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And, perhaps, Jennifer's great desire and desire to be beautiful and young makes her and at 43 years attractive and sexy.

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