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Victoria Beckham has long been recognized as an icon of style andOne of the most beautiful women on the planet. However, many note its excess, sometimes on the verge of exhaustion, leanness. To others, such a figure seems ideal, because with this ratio of height and weight, Victoria Beckham's face acquires sculpture, and the body - chiselled features.

Height, weight, figure parameters of Victoria Beckham

The basis of such a figure, like the principles of nutrition,Was laid with Victoria since childhood. Then the girl seriously engaged in ballet and after graduation she even entered the college of Lines Arts Theater, which she successfully graduated from. However, despite the artistry of the girl, her love for disguises, the teachers did not see in her the inclinations of a great ballerina, so the young Victoria decided to reorient her view towards the pop platform and very soon the whole world learned about it (at that time Victoria Adams) as One of the soloists of the cult English maiden pop group Spice Girls.

Now Victoria has four children, and her figureStill looks girlishly thin and fragile. Because of Victoria's love for heels on an extremely high heel, very often the question arises: what is the growth of Victoria Beckham, because it is very difficult to determine from the photograph. With an increase of 163 cm, its weight is only 45 kg. The parameters of the figure of Victoria Beckham fit into the following numbers: chest - 86 cm, waist - 58 cm, hips - 84 cm.

The Victoria Beckham Diet

This ratio of height and weight is very difficultCall healthy, but Victoria does not bother, she feels irresistible with this thinness. Get the similar parameters it allows a fairly tough diet, which is only 800 calories, derived from food per day. Such a diet can be called very scarce. Basically, Victoria consumes chicken and steamed fish, vegetables, seafood and fruits (excluding bananas and grapes). Recently, Victoria adheres to the so-called alkaline diet. The essence of it is that all products are divided into alkaline, neutral and acidic. Keeping the balance between acidic and neutral products, we relieve the body of stress, and consequently, and the desire to accumulate stocks in the form of fat. The ratio between acidic and alkaline products should be within 30/70. The first includes sugar, red meat, fats, coffee, chocolate, dairy products, fruit other than citrus fruits. Alkaline are: green salads, vegetables, legumes, fatty fish, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes.

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As you can see, the ratio of height and weight of Victoria Beckham is difficult to call normal, but this does not stop her from remaining an icon of style and an example for imitation.

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