Growth of Beyonce

Famous singer, actress, fashion designer BeyonceIs known not only for its wonderful songs, talented roles, original collections. Her bright appearance and feminine figure attracts attention.

Growth, weight and other parameters of the figure of Beyonce

The color of the skin was awarded to Beyonce's parents - the father wasAfrican American, and my mother - Creole. The singer's father worked in a record company, my mother was a hairdresser - she owned her own salon, in addition, she worked as a costume designer. Since childhood, the girl has grown in an atmosphere of beauty and harmony - the parents loved to dress stylishly, spoiled the newest daughters. The house was listening to good music, which is probably why Beyonce and her sister have a wonderful ear and a voice.

The height and weight of Beyoncé are known only from her words:

  • The growth according to different data varies from 167 to 169 cm;
  • Weight - from 60 to 68 kg.

By the parameters of weight and growth, Beyoncé is not easy to call thin. But, it is impossible not to agree that the singer has an appetizing and very beautiful figure.

What growth Beyonce, exactly know the designers of her clothes. By the way, in some sources there is information about other parameters of the figure of the star:

  • The singer's chest is 90-92 cm;
  • Waist - 63-66 cm;
  • Hips 97-107 cm.

How does Beyoncé watch the figure?

Beyonce honestly admits that from the sport sheVery far away. She does not like gyms, training. But she loves to lie down near the pool or on the beach, take a walk in the shops, spend an evening near the fireplace with a loved one. How does Beyonce manage to remain slender, smart, sexy? The secret is simple - the girl is engaged in a business she has loved since her childhood - she dances daily, not only on stage, but at home and in the dance hall.

Even as a very young person, Beyonce was engaged in jazz and ballet. Dancing enthusiasts help Beyoncé to keep his figure in shape and even win prizes for the best choreography in his clips.

The singer loves to eat delicious, but also knows how tolimit yourself. For example, it is known that after the birth of her daughter, she dropped over 20 extra pounds per month. For this, she "planted" herself on a strict diet - she drank her homemade lemonade and ate vegetable soup. Lose the star for the shooting of the film "Dreamgirls". Then she for 10 days got rid of 9 kg, using not only a diet, but also a program of total purification.

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In general, Beyonce's own weight and growth suit, and she opposes long and fast diets, because she believes that they are causing great damage to the body.

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