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Thirty-three-year-old r'n'b-vocalist Beyonce KnowlesThree years ago she became the mother of a charming daughter. However, pregnancy and childbirth became a difficult test for her attractive forms. The parameters of Beyonce's figure are still as close as possible to the standards accepted in the world of show business. The singer can look good, although she herself speaks about her figure unflatteringly. How does an artist with a world name support herself in form?

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Victims in the name of beauty

Before pregnancy, Beyonce's figure parameters wereThe following: height - 168 centimeters, weight - 60 kilograms, waist and hips - 62 and 98 centimeters respectively. In 2008, she married renowned rapper Jay Z. For four years, her husband, who was eleven years older than the singer, insisted on the birth of a child, but Beyonce referred to a career. Because of this, the couple more than once was on the brink of divorce. Recently it became known that in 2011 the sultry beauty had a miscarriage. But six months later she again became pregnant, which was unspeakably happy. Staying in a state of euphoria, she completely forgot about her figure. In the photo with a rounded belly, she does not recognize!

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And this is not surprising, because after the appearance of her daughterOn a body prone to the fullness of the body appeared 27 extra pounds! And what are the parameters for Beyoncé today? In just three months, she managed to return the former forms. And after another nine months, the singer's performance at the Super Bowl struck those present. From the former fullness and the trace is gone. How did she achieve such amazing results?

First, Beyoncé herself made a promise thatAchieve ideal forms. For this, she kept a diary of calories eaten per day, followed a lemonade diet (nothing but this drink for a day!), Drank a lot of water. Four times a week the singer visited the gym. She left home only when she could not stand fatigue on her feet. And the efforts made were crowned with an excellent result. Parameters 90-64-102 and weight of 64 kilograms are the best confirmation.

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Victory over extra pounds, the singer notedA holiday of food, having grown full of donuts, fried fish and sandwiches. Of course, the next few days she spent in the gym, punishing herself for such liberty. Today Beyonce looks great, and many girls consider a singer with an iron character as her ideal.

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