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Icon style, sex symbol 50-ies, MarilynMonroe was never skinny, but her figure, despite this, was considered flawless. Until now, an actress for many is the ideal of feminine beauty and charm.

Parameters of the figure Merlin Monroe

The silhouette of Marilyn changed over the years, it had curvy shapes, smooth curves of the body. At the beginning of his career, the dimensions of the figure of Marilyn Monroe were as follows:

  • Chest - 92 cm;
  • Waist - 60 cm;
  • Hips - 90-92 cm.

The actress supported these parameters. She, like any other woman, it was not always possible, for example, in the film "In Jazz Only Girls," she appeared before the fans a little replenished - with the growth of 162 cm Marilyn weighed 65 kg. There was a period when the celebrity lost weight - in 1962 its silhouette "lost" in volume: the chest decreased to 88 cm, the waist - to 55, and the hips - to 90 cm.

Type of figure Marilyn Monroe - an hourglass - it is characterized by a pronounced waist, rounded hips, a womanly breast.

Secrets of Monroe's attraction

What kind of figure was Marilyn Monroe, you can see in the numerous films in which she played the role. A small increase and 46 sizes of clothes did not prevent her from falling in love with a huge number of men.

Most of all Marilyn Monroe in her figure lovedLegs and chest. Nature herself rewarded her with good external data, but the actress understood that they need to be preserved and improved. Every day in the morning, the beauty did exercises with dumbbells for the chest. In addition, she watched her diet - meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables were present in the diet. Marilyn did not like restaurant food, she preferred to eat at home, however, the star rarely used plates. By her own admission, it was much more convenient to just open the refrigerator and take a piece of food.

Modern nutritionists are unlikely to approve of a "diet"Monroe. She did not eat at the time, skipped meals. There were days when she could afford high-calorie foods, but the next day she had to "pay" for her lack of restraint on a fasting day.

Marilyn Monroe never wanted to lose weight, but notGave a chance to become flabby and cellulite. One of the simple methods that the actress and singer used consistently was a method called "beauty bath". It was prepared very simply - the ice water was collected in the bath and Chanel No. 5 droplet was added. After the procedure, a moisturizing balm or lotion was applied to the skin.

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And Marilyn Monroe liked to look in the mirror for hours, perhaps, so her image was so natural, light, playful and sexy.

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