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Beautiful and passionate Italian woman turnedFifty years, but its luxurious forms do not cease to inspire and drive men crazy. Monica Bellucci herself is more critical, considering herself too pompous and even somewhat old-fashioned. She does not want to look like a model, but that does not mean that the actress does not care about her body. Monica Bellucci, whose figure parameters do not meet the standards, worked as a model in her youth, so she knows perfectly well what to do to keep the body in great shape.

Carier start

A native of Perugia, who not so long ago notedHis 50th anniversary, began his career as a model. Monica Bellucci, whose figure even admired when she was a teenager, already at the age of 24 became the most popular model, having signed a contract with Elite Model Management. Demonstrating outfits from famous couturiers on the Parisian and Milan's catwalks, she amazed those present not only with a bright appearance, but also with ideal parameters. In his youth, Monica Bellucci, whose height and weight, if Wikipedia does not lie, were 178 centimeters and 63 kilograms, respectively, looked slimmer than today. This is evidenced by the fact that she twice posed for the legendary calendar Pirelli. On its pages only 12 lucky ones, recognized as the most beautiful in the world, fall. In order to continue his career, the popular model had to give up studying at the university, which Monica does not regret.

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In parallel with the model career of Bellucci beganActively propose themselves to filmmakers for filming in the cinema. At first the passionate Italian encountered refusals, but in 1992 the legendary Francis Ford Coppola invited her to shoot in the film "Bram Stoker's Dracula." Having played the episodic role of the restricted graph, the beginning actress did not make a splash, but the American directors noticed her. It is obvious that the parameters of Monica Bellucci, namely, height, weight, bright appearance and magnificent breasts, have become for her a pass to the world of the Big cinema. Later, she married a star of French cinema Vincent Kassel, and her career began to develop rapidly.

Beauty secrets

And today Monica is a demanded actress. On her personal account dozens of successful roles, although critics do not please her with prestigious awards and awards. The secrets of Monica Bellucci's beauty are quite simple. In the first place for her own feelings. Monica does not aspire to fictitious ideals and standard forms. Its 89-61-89 is almost ideal, although the weight varies from 64 to 68 kilograms. Even after the birth of two daughters, the actress did not lose attractiveness, retaining the form. Monica likes to eat deliciously, but adheres to the principle of small portions. She repeatedly stated that she would never starve to be like a skinny Hollywood colleagues. Food should be fun, because it is a normal physiological process. Monica loves sweets, but tries to limit their use. Harmony, a sense of urgency and beauty help her to rejoice in every day. Monica Bellucci is not shy posing for the world's best nude photographers, demonstrating a beautiful body and well-groomed skin.

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But to sports Bellucci is indifferent. Fitness, jogging and gyms do not attract her, but the pool of the Italian beauty often visits. Looking at her pictures in a swimsuit while relaxing on the seashore, it's hard not to agree that she looks great!

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