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The figure of the wife of the English prince William KateMiddleton has always been admired and envied by many, thanks to graceful lines and slender forms. The girl always looks amazing no matter what she wears. And I want to note that Kate's wardrobe is very diverse. Of course, often Middleton appears in public in refined and elegant dresses, especially accompanying her husband. At such times, the beautiful perfectly proportionate constitution of the Duchess is emphasized in the best way. Nevertheless, in the arsenal of Kate Middleton, there is enough space for everyday comfortable clothes. But even in free jeans and comfortable sweatshirts, the girl looks just stunning.

The parameters of the figure are Keith Middleton

The growth of Kate Middleton reaches 175 centimeters. This figure is often the goal of many women of fashion. After all, high growth ideally shows slender legs. But not only the growth of the duchess became the reason for her elegance. Kate Middleton always maintains weight within 60 kilograms, which gives her a slight leanness. However, the girl does not look exhausted. Her figure: chest - 82 cm, waist - 61 cm, hips 89 cm.

In the life of Kate Middleton, there was a period whenJournalists actively became interested in the parameters of her figure, noticing the apparent roundness in the girl's face and hips. This moment was just before the wedding with the prince. Kate herself does not deny that at that time she recovered slightly. But having set a goal and putting a lot of effort, Middleton regained her former harmony. Perhaps, to the diet she was pushed by the model of the wedding dress, which clearly was designed for an elegant figure.

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Another events that affected the figureKate Middleton, became pregnant and childbirth. But even then the Duchess did not put off solving the problem in the long box. Being a young mother Middleton looks chic and remains for many an example to follow.

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