Parameters Kim Kardashian

Many fans and, conversely, those who do not likeKim Kardashian, do not give rest to her mouth-watering forms. One thing becomes obvious: you can not remain indifferent to them. So, what are the parameters of Kim Kardashian?

Parameters of the figure Kim Kardashian before pregnancy

Now the star is in position. They are with their spouse, Kanye West, waiting for the second child. The couple already have a daughter, North West, who was born in June 2013. Naturally, Kim's forms repeatedly changed during and after pregnancy.

Immediately note that the star before the birth of children is notHad some extraordinary shape. Yes, they were more magnificent than the usual 90-60-90 models, but everything looked pretty organic and decorated the girl. Kim Kardashian's parameters for height and weight before the birth of the first child were: height - 159 cm, weight - just over 53 kg. In this case, the chest-waist-hip ratio was on the following marks: the chest - 86 cm, the waist - 66 cm, the hip - 99 cm. That is, she could easily buy jeans and pants of size M or 27, and they would be a star in the pore. During pregnancy, Kim gained weight, which is quite normal for a woman waiting for a child. The star has repeatedly denied rumors that she recovered to 90 kg, and said that these figures are exaggerated by at least 30 kg.

New parameters Kim Kardashian

After the birth of his daughter Kim prettyQuickly came into shape, but it's hard not to notice that the volume of her hips has increased, but the star's priest has become both a subject of admiration and envy of admirers, and a reason for numerous quibbles and attacks, as well as accusations that surgical intervention was performed. In the queue, plastic surgeons immediately lined up girls who want to bring their own forms closer to Kim's cherished volumes.

However, Kim Kardashian strongly deniesInterference of plastic surgeons and declares that for wonderful volumes and convex buttocks it is worth to thank only nature. According to the latest data, the volume of the thighs of the star is 102 cm, and the waist remained at 66 cm and this rather big difference of 36 cm creates that visual effect of the aspen waist and bulging bulging buttocks. Kim Kardashian is completely satisfied with her own forms and even proud of them, like her husband Kanye West.

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The couple have repeatedly stated that they want to have another child and now they have succeeded. According to the latest information, a star must have a boy.

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