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Extra pair of kilograms, cellulite or absenceMake-up of celebrities are made public by the paparazzi, who do not doze. That's why the representatives of the media must take care of themselves to look attractive, beautiful and sexy.

One of the brightest representatives of the idealParameters is the singer Beyoncé. The girl by nature is very beautiful and sexy. However, in order to keep a shape and not become a pussy, she regularly sits on diets, goes in for sports, dances, leads a healthy lifestyle and does not eat after six in the evening. Thanks to this, the pop diva at 33, and having one child, looks perfect and is considered the canon of female beauty and style.

Beyonce Figure Parameters

Having a pear figure, the star became the favorite of allMen. And for women, she is an example that I want to imitate. With its height of 168 cm, Beyonce weighs 60 kg. An elegant and graceful waist 63 cm, the girth of the chest is ideal for model measures - 90 cm, and the hips - 102 cm, which give the star a special femininity and seductiveness.

Beyonce, with a feminine silhouette, more than onceFell into the list of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. And in 2015, her legendary figure became the main inspiration for architects from Australia who built an amazing skyscraper.

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How to make a figure like Beyoncé?

Surely many fans want to beLike their idol outwardly, so they try to reveal the secret of the singer's beauty. For those who want to, but do not know how to achieve a figure like Beyoncé, we offer a few tips from the star mother who always help her.

Although the singer herself says that there are no special secrets, but nevertheless she always follows several rules:

  1. Eats healthy food. Periodically he sits on a lemon diet and drinks a lot of water.
  2. Limits itself in sweet and does not eat after 6 pm.
  3. Actively engaged in dancing. They help her to keep her body toned and energized. In addition, complicated choreography helps to make the singer's performances more enchanting and memorable.
  4. And, of course, Beyonce regularly doesSpecial exercises for elastic buttocks and slender legs. Every morning, 100 sit-ups help her stay in shape. And when there is time, the pop diva visits the gym.

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