The figure of Megan Fox

The owner of one of the most enviable figuresAmong modern stars is Megan Fox. The girl is slender and graceful. From her, she wails with femininity and self-confidence. That's why from the very beginning of her career the actress became an example of imitation for many. Another reason for this popularity of Megan Fox's appearance is that she has repeatedly demonstrated her ideal tight figure without photoshop. Despite the fact that the actress belongs to the category of secretive and mysterious stars, Megan often appeared on the beach in a swimsuit. Comparing her photo at her leisure with professional pictures in her underwear, you are delighted with the absence of a difference. Given the fact that Megan gave birth to two sons with a small age difference and the actress herself is approaching the 30-year mark, there really are thoughts of possible magic.

The parameters of the figure of Megan Fox are quite enviable,Because her height is 162 centimeters, and the weight is only 52 kilograms. Despite the low growth, the body of the actress is lean. Its proportions are 87-61-87. Although, according to Megan herself, at the waist she reaches just over 50 centimeters. And this seriously casts doubt on the truthfulness of sources giving data on the parameters of the figure of Megan Fox. Indeed, recently for a new role, the actress was able to tighten in a corset to 46 centimeters.

Type of figure Megan Fox

The figure of Megan Fox can be safely defined to the typepear. This is indicated by narrow shoulders, an elongated waist, a shortish bottom and a rounded thigh of an actress. Perhaps many will be confused by this statement. After all, the figure of the pear is also possessed by Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian. But Megan and a number does not stand with such an appetizing kind of celebrities.

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However, we must also take into account that Fox is very careful and reverent to his body. Her diet is very balanced, and training and exercise are the best friends of the actress.

Megan Fox on the beach

Megan Fox at the Carnival in Brazil

Megan Fox on the red carpet after delivery