Growth of jennifer lopez

American superstar musical Olympus,Passionate and sexy dancer, talented movie star, producer and fashion designer, successful businesswoman and simply irresistibly beautiful woman, a wonderful mother of charming two children is all about her, oh Jennifer Lopez. For all its heavy workload, it always looks perfect, has a vigorous and healthy appearance, a gorgeous and attractive figure.

Becoming a person

Jennifer Lopez was born in 1969 and grew up inBronx, in one of the poor areas of New York. Already a five-year-old girl, she worked hard on herself and her development, every day after school tirelessly engaged in choreography and singing in specialized institutions. Later actively led a sporty lifestyle: tennis, softball and regularly attended the gym. And soon the daily tiring loads began to give the desired results. The parameters of her figure, even despite the small growth of Jennifer Lopez, have acquired slender and very feminine dimensions, for it was no wonder that she was then given the nickname "La Guitarra", which in Spanish means guitar.

Jennifer Lopez in training

Jennifer Lopez leads an active lifestyle

Jennifer Lopez on the beach

Recognition and success

Since 1990, the hard and persistent path beganThe ascent of Jennifer in show business. And already in 1997 the award found its hero, her sexuality and natural beauty combined with an impeccable chiseled figure were recognized as publicly popular magazines. So according to the magazine "People" she got on the list of 50 most beautiful people on the planet. A little time passed and here again public recognition and success, in 2001, but already according to the magazine "FHM" was marked as the sexiest woman. And this is only a small part of her grandiose success.

Makeup by Jennifer Lopez

Beauty Jennifer Lopez

Luxurious image of Jennifer Lopez

Photoshoot Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in a blue dress

Jennifer Lopez looks great

Beauty Secrets from Jennifer Lopez

Currently, to maintain the ideal shapeIn her full 46 years she is still actively involved in sports, every day - for four hours, leads a healthy lifestyle and uses a balanced eight meals a day. Her attractive parameters 90-58-96 went to the titanic work and in combination with her natural beauty, weight and height, Jennifer Lopez looks very sexy and harmonious. Using a high-heeled shoe in your image gives an amazing effect. In full growth, Jennifer Lopez looks pretty high elegant beauty.

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According to official data, her height is 164 cm, and her weight -55 kg. Jennifer Lopez herself likes to say that her height is 167 cm, she has no thinness by nature, but she is thin, in general - normal, and, of course, like men, and women are trying to imitate her.

The figure of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez on vacation

Slender Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in jeans

Jennifer Lopez in Everyday Life

Beauty Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet

Evening image of Jennifer Lopez

Evening dress by Jennifer Lopez