Kanye West rise

To each admirer of this or that celebrityI want to get a little closer to my idol: to learn the secrets of the biography, the details of my personal life, the minute details, so carefully hidden by the stars. Looking through the prism of the blue screens, people are often interested in what parameters artists and actors have.

Among these selebretis was a musicianKanye West. He is a famous American rap artist, who in record time released six very successful albums and received twenty-one Grammy Awards. He began his starry path, composing songs for other performers, later started producing, and finally, it came to a solo career, which as a result was fruitful.

Growth and weight of Kanye West

It often happens that in biographical dataIndicates deliberately untrue information about the parameters of famous personalities. In most cases, the growth is overstated, and the weight is understated, bringing the figures of the idols closer to ideal.

Despite the fact that Kanye West hasProportional forms, it is not immediately possible to find out what growth it has. In some sources, the figure is 177 cm. If you dig a little deeper, it turns out that Kanye's growth is actually only 173 cm with a weight of 70 kg. And Western fans even claim that he does not even reach this mark. In support of these words were photographs of West going alongside rapper Jay-Z, whose height is 187 cm. On these shots, Kanye looks really lower than the declared data.

Nevertheless, the artist is hardly complex on thisAbout. In addition, his wife Kim Kardashian has a height of 159 cm and in a pair they look very harmonious. And for a musical career, as has already been proven by many, these figures do not matter at all.

Kanye West in a skirt

Kanye West and Jay-Z whose growth is 187cm

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian whose growth is 159 cm

Kanye West and Amber Rose whose growth is 175 cm

Kanye West on stage

Kanye West of short stature

Kanye West built a successful musical career

Kanye West with his wife and son

Kanye West with a statuette of MTV VMA