Travis Fimell - growth

Travis Fimmel is a famous Australian actor andmodel. His work is inseparably linked with films of a certain genre (thriller and action movie), where he will play the role of strong and courageous men. Examples of such films include: "Vikings", "Beast", "Warcraft", "Tarzan". Thanks to the film images with which the actor associates with the audience, they often have a question, what is the growth of Travis Fimmel?

Short biography of Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel was born on July 15, 1979 inAustralia, in the place where his parents' farm was located. The future actor was the youngest child in the family, he has two older brothers. All his childhood was closely connected with work on the farm.

The first true passion of Fimmel was the game of football. He seriously linked his future with his football career and even played for the national team of Melbourne. But the resulting injury crossed his plans.

Then the young man moves to America andIt turns out to make a career in the modeling business. This was facilitated by a well-suited case. The fact is that Fimmel went to the gym together with an agent who suggested that he try himself in this area. Thus, Travis successfully starred in advertising Calvin Klein. At the same time, he takes the first steps as a film actor, namely, in the TV series "Tarzan". It should be said that the film has not gained popularity with viewers.

Growth and weight of Travis Fimmel

Throughout his career, Travis Fimmel starredin more than 20 paintings, where he was captured in the images of courageous and even brutal heroes. In order to play them out and look good on the screen, certain physical parameters were required, which the actor was generously rewarded by nature.

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Travis Fimmel has a height above the average - 183 cm, and the weight of the actor is about 86 kg.

Travis Fimell in his youth

Travis Fimell prefers a sport lifestyle

Travis Fimell poses as a model

Travis Fimell is most memorable for viewers on the series Vikings, which lasted several seasons

Travis Fimell in adulthood

Travis Fimell in a manly image on the set of the film The Vikings

Travis Fimell is known as an actor and model

Travis Fimell began his career as an actor in the TV series Tarzan

Travis Fimell was successful in the modeling business due to his parameters and bright appearance