Jennifer Lopez in his youth

Jennifer Lopez in both youth and now is an example for imitation of many women. Internal energy helps her to live, work and look amazing.

Young Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born in 1969 in a simpleA poor family. It's worth giving Jennifer's mother the due - although she did not work, but brought up her daughters as young ladies, instilled in them good manners, a sense of taste, developed talents.

Jennifer Lopez from childhood dreamed of becoming an actress,But she could not disobey her parents and entered a law college, which, however, dropped out after the first semester of training. She rented an apartment in Manhattan and began to work as a dancer. In 1993, Jennifer appeared in her first film, but she and a few subsequent ones proved to be a failure. The young actress did not despair, and the real success came a few years after the film "Selena" appeared on the screens. Since then, the filmography of the actress is replenished with an enviable periodicity.

Secrets of Youth Jennifer Lopez

It's amazing how Jennifer Lopez looks youngA few years before his fiftieth birthday. Envious people even sometimes turn around, that the actress sleeps in a pressure chamber and drinks the blood of innocently murdered girls. But all, of course, it is clear that Jennifer makes a lot of effort to delight others, despite age.

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By the way, the actress does not like to spreadOn the theme that it helps in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin and the harmony of the figure. It is unlikely that such a success can be attributed to genetics - as a rule, Hispanics grow old quite early. A beautiful silhouette is the work of the actress herself, who loves to dance, is good at sports. Young and glowing skin is the merit of cosmetologists, to which Jennifer periodically turns, although it is known that the star itself loves to take care of its skin.

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Young Jennifer Lopez