Victoria Beckham wants to create a new, serious image

Tattoo-dedications are a long-standing fashion inHollywood environment, did not become an exception of the couple Victoria and David Beckham. But now, entering the world of professional fashion, Victoria decided to leave signs in her past on her body and appear in a new, more serious image.

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The first tattoo, which led to a laserSinger, were the initials of David Beckham and the date of their wedding, Roman numerals. Now Victoria has subjected the laser to another tattoo-initiation, located on her back. The inscription reads: "I belong to the beloved, and the beloved belongs to me." For the first time it became apparent that the tattoo is reduced to the New York Fashion Week, the paparazzi recorded it in their photos. Victoria herself does not comment on whether she plans to remove yet another tattoo in the form of 5 stars at the bottom of the back, but judging by the trend - removal will affect this sign.

Show Victoria Beckham Spring-Summer 2015 at Fashion Week in New York

Tattoo-dedications to David

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David Beckham dedicated a tattoo to his wife Victoria

"I belong to the beloved, and my beloved belongs to me" - says the tattoo

After the birth of his daughter Harper Seven, he made himself a tattoo on his neck with her name.