May issue of The Hollywood Reporter devoted to the theme of sexism in the movies

Seven beautiful women and talented actressesOrganized a "round table" to discuss the sore and more than urgent problem. In a nutshell, it can be described as "The Place of a Woman in Modern Cinematography." Hollywood superstars, who gained fame due to roles on television and in the cinema, talked about sexism (different levels of pay depending on gender) and age problems.

Gloss The Hollywood Reporter offers readers not only a stunning photo shoot with the participation of actresses, but also thoughtful monologues of the heroines of the May issue on the serious topic of gender equality.

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Diva or a workaholic?

One of the first about an unfair approach to paymentWork began to speak young and popular actress Jennifer Lawrence. She was supported by colleagues in the actor's shop - Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Margulis, Kirsten Dunst, Kerry Washington Constance Zimmer, Sarah Paulson and Regina King.

Stylists knowingly chose very feminine toiletsFor a photo shoot of these ladies. A serious message is encrypted in the photographs: "Yes, we are tender and feminine, but inside us there is order and iron discipline! It is these qualities that allowed each of us to ascend to the cinematic Olympus. "

Jennifer Lopez, a super-popular actress and performer of pop songs, so expressed the general mood of her colleagues:

"I was always very strange why womenOur profession should behave differently than men? I get annoyed when they call me "diva"! Success came to me not because I'm beautiful. It is the fruit of hard work. "

7-star series discussed the place of women in the modern film industry

One of the first to talk about gender inequality in Hollywood is the highest paid

In the new photo shoot, the heroines posed in numbers in feminine flowing outfits in

Behind their external femininity and fragility lies an iron rod

Thanks to this, they managed to achieve success in film and television

Dzhennifer Lopes, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Paulson, Julianna Margulies, Regina King, K

The main theme of the issue was sexism in the acting profession, as well as double issues

I was always amazed why we women should behave differently than men

The theme of sexism in the American film industry in recent years has become one of the most