Rianna at carnival in barbados

Carnival is held annually on the islands of BarbadosIn honor of the end of the harvest. This year, the event was honored by the presence of the famous American singer Rihanna. Pop diva not only visited the carnival, but also took an active part in it. By the way, the black star is not the first time coming to the public holiday, although now he lives in America. But the singer considers her direct duty to attend a noisy merry event at home.

Rihanna dances in Barbados

At the carnival, Rihanna always comes off on a fullWith his friends. This year, the singer surprised everyone not only with her positive mood, but also with the attire in which she appeared before the public. At the carnival in Barbados in 2015, Rihanna was in a mini bikini of stones and crystals. According to critics, this year the singer's outfit was the most outspoken in comparison with her images at the festival last time. Probably, a greater excitement arose around the top of the star's swimsuit. After all, the bodice barely covered Rihanna's magnificent breast. Its sassy style was supplemented by a large headdress with feathers and a lot of ornaments on her neck, stomach and hips. I finished the image of a catchy make-up, which, I must say, was matched to the outfit, which once again indicated a distinct sense of the style of the star.

Rihanna in Barbados was not only franklyDressed, but also behaved in some ways dissolved and vulgar. The singer constantly supported her cheerful mood with alcohol, as she spoke about the behavior of the pop diva, which was not released from her hands. However, as the celebrity herself claims, the carnival in Barbados is one of the few days of the year when she can afford to relax and rest.

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Well, maybe it is, but the conversations around Rihanna's theme at the carnival will still be very much for a long time. But, it seems, the singer does not bother.

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