Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper

Celebrities are always at gunpointPublic attention. Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper, who are trying to hide their relationship, are no exception. Despite the fact that the model is silent, and the actor zealously denies the romantic connection, we can already say that Irina Sheik is meeting with Bradley Cooper.

Roman Sheik and Cooper

About how Irina Sheik and Bradley CooperMet, not mentioned. It is known that this happened in the first days of April 2015 at a secular party, which was arranged by common familiar models and the actor. At that time, Irina was still meeting with football player-handsome Cristiano Ronaldo, but the relationship due to the frequent betrayal of the athlete was at an impasse. First, he gave her a surprise in the form of a child, whom he was born with a surrogate mother. Then he stopped making excuses, meeting with young models and actresses in crowded places. Despite the fact that in early 2015 he called Irina his wife, in March, it became known about the severance of the relationship of a stellar couple.

In the life of a Hollywood actor before this acquaintanceToo, everything was not so smooth. In 2006, his wife was Jennifer Esposito, an American actress, whose name is well known to fans of serials. The marriage lasted only four months, and for the next three years Cooper did not even want to think about his girlfriends. But in August 2009, his acquaintance with Renee Zellweger turned into a romantic relationship. The couple broke up in 2011, and the actor immediately found Renee a replacement in the person of the model Zoe Saldana. And again the relationship did not last a year. But with Sookie Waterhouse Cooper met for two years. He loved the girl madly, calling her the only one with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. But it turned out that the young model to create a family and serious relationships is simply not ready. Afraid of the responsibility and intentions of Cooper, Sookie decided to break off relations. In early 2015, Cooper Waterhouse broke up, and Bradley immediately found a substitute for her, having tightened the affair with Irina Sheik.

A week after the meeting, actor BradleyCooper and Irina Sheik were seen together, and the photos taken by the paparazzi eloquently testified that the celebrities were sympathetic to each other. After visiting the Broadway musical Finding Neverland on April 22, they were increasingly noticed together.

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Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper2

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Future plans

It is worth noting that the novel by Irina Sheik and BradleyCooper remains an intrigue for fans, because celebrities carefully avoid any questions and getting into camera lenses. Those few photos of lovers who can be seen on the net, say a lot about their quality. Journalists have to shoot from a distance to stay unnoticed.

Not so long ago the public domain becamePhotos that show how Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper rest together in Italy. The forty-year-old actor and thirty-year-old model did not even try to hide their feelings. It seemed that they did not notice anyone around, focusing on each other. Hot kisses, hot hugs, passionate glances - everything is clear without extra words. The pictures taken on the beach of the Italian island of Capri, speak volumes!

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The fact that the novel is in demand model andThe popular American actor is developing at a rapid pace, and the fact that lovers are busy searching for a new home is also evidence. According to rumors, Irina and Bradley want to establish a common nest in New York, where they often come from work. Will lovers keep warm feelings for a long time - time will tell, but for now it is hoped that the romance will end with a wedding and the birth of children.

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