Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik parted ways

The network recently appeared a rumor that Bradley Cooper andIrina Sheik broke up. This is not surprising, because pairs of this scale are characterized by eccentric acts or, to put it mildly, a game for the public. But is it really so? Let's try to figure it out.

Love story

The novel by Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper startedRelatively recently - in the spring of 2015. In any case, it was at this time that the general public learned that some of the most beautiful people of our time had begun to meet. With the superstitiousness and unwillingness to advertise close relations with the celebrity's peculiarity, Irina Sheik, like Cooper, for a long time did not give any comments on her novel. However, after the paparazzi took a few pictures of the couple resting on the Italian coast in the arms of each other, the stars ceased to deny the obvious and admitted that they were together.

Together, despite the rumors

Actor Bradley Cooper and model Irina Sheik - a couple,Which can be seen from afar. Colorful, bright, unforgettable. It's no wonder that rumors circulate around them with furious speed: some say that Bradley is so much in love with Irina that he is preparing to offer her an offer every day. Others, with difficulty concealing their gloating, are replicating the news that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shake have parted ways. However, both the first and second sources are far from certain, at least for the time being.

Close friends of a couple in love agreedShare some details of the sensational novel with the press, and it turned out that Cooper and Shake are really in love with each other, very happy and enjoying the candy-bouquet period in the relationship. They both take pleasure in how things turn out.

Intentions for lovers are very serious, and plans- far-reaching, because, as it became known, they decided to live together. This happened after Cooper confessed to Irina Sheik in love. It was Bradley who initiated the cohabitation with the beautiful model. The couple decided to settle in New York and at the moment they are actively looking for housing.

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We wish them happiness and we will hope that the couple Irina Sheik - Bradley Cooper will give us only positive news!

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