wife of Vin Diesel

The famous American actor Vin DieselHe became famous not only for his roles as a fighting and formidable guy, but also for his appearance. After all, it was the athletic body that helped the actor start a successful career in cinema and become the most popular performer in modern action films. A highlight in this role of Diesel is a shaved head, which the actor perfectly entered into the image of bouncers and burglars. However, not only the producers and screenwriters pay attention to the appearance of Vin Diesel. An impressive view of Wine also plays into his hands and in his personal life. To date, one of the most sensational was the question, who is the wife of Vin Diesel?

Everyone remembers the turbulent novel of Vin Diesel with his colleague on"Fast and the Furious" Michelle Rodriguez. Many bet on their relationship that the couple will soon get engaged. However, the lovers met for less than a year. The next time the actor again chose a girl from colleagues to work on the set of the film "Three X's." It was the Czech model of Pavel Harbkov. But this relationship lasted about the same as the previous ones.

In 2008, Vin Diesel became unexpected for allFather. At that time, he had an affair with a friend Paloma Jimenez. Nobody expected from these relations of any seriousness. But they became fateful in the life of the actor.

Wife and children of Diesel Wine

Paloma Jimenez did not become the wife of Vin Dieselofficially. However, in practice this pair is one of the brightest and strongest. After the birth of Vin Diesel's daughter Haniya Riley, everyone thought that the stars would part. However, Diesel and Jimenez decided to prove to everyone that love and harmony exist without a stamp in their passport. In 2010, Paloma and Wine had a son, Vincent Sinclair. This event became a point in the conversation that the actor's relationship with the model is doomed. Finally, everyone believed in this pair, when in March 2015 they had a third child - a girl named Paulina. This name was chosen in honor of a close friend of Wine Paul Walker, who tragically died two years ago.

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American star brutal guy does not hideHis family. In most cases, both his wife and children accompany the red carpet, the premiere of the films and the presentation of Vin Diesel. This star family has become an example of what is important, what "weather" is for loving people, and not official signatures and seals. So the famous Vin Diesel has two conflicting statuses at once. On the one hand, he is the happy head of a large family, and on the other, legislative, continues to be an enviable bachelor.

Vin Diesel and his wife Paloma Jimenez

Vin Diesel with his wife at the premiere of Riddick in Los Angeles

Vin Diesel with his family at the opening ceremony of the star on the Walk of Fame