Johnny Depp in his youth

Johnny Depp is known as a talented actor andproducer, a favorite of the legendary Tim Burton and even a musician. In addition to the magnificent appearance of this man, there are many other talents, as he masterfully accustomed to the most extravagant characters, falls in love with the audience at a glance and tirelessly fascinates women.

Among the most popular filmsto mention a series of films called "Pirates of the Caribbean" in which he played the inimitable Jack Sparrow. However, this is only one of many successful roles.

Early biography of Johnny Depp

A legendary Hollywood actor named JohnnyDepp was born on June 9, 1963 in an American town called Owensboro, Kentucky. His family was not very rich, since my mother worked as a waitress, and my father was in an engineering and construction company. Johnny has two sisters and a brother. Unfortunately, Depp's parents divorced, which seriously affected his child's psyche. Johnny Depp in his youth from the age of 12 often used alcohol and smoked. The blame for everything was family problems. With studies at school, too, did not develop. Johnny Depp in his youth from the age of 13 did not really seek knowledge, but tried in every possible way to find his place in life.

When the actor's mother got married a second time,stepfather of the boy was the writer Robert Palmer. It was this man who helped the teenager cope with emotional experiences and directed him to the path of creative personality. Particularly hard for parents was with a fifteen-year-old teenager, when in school he was caught for using drugs. Soon after, Johnny Depp was expelled from school. Mother gave her son a guitar, which became a real salvation for him.

Young sixteen-year-old Johnny Deppindependently learned to play a musical instrument and became a member of a group called The Kids. After successful performances in nightclubs, the talented guy dreamed of devoting music to his whole life and worked very confidently in this direction. In addition, Johnny beautifully drew and even created a cover for the first music album of his group.

At twenty, the young handsome man married the make-up artistnamed Lori Ann Ellison, who contributed to the development of his acting career, introducing the guy to Nicolas Cage. Very soon the list of achievements of Johnny Depp was replenished with the role in the film "The Nightmare on Elm Street". Nevertheless, the soul of a man did not yet lie to acting, he was delirious with music and very deeply experienced the disintegration of his group. However, acquaintance with Tim Burton radically changed his life and made him a real star of the cinema.

Johnny Depp in his youth and now

From 1994 to 1998, Depp met with the famousmodel Kate Moss, and then an acquaintance with an elegant Frenchwoman named Vanessa Parady gave birth to a new serious romantic relationship. The actor even moved with his beloved to France, where his daughter Lily-Rose Melody and son, who was named Jack John Christopher the Third, appeared. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis endlessly delighted fans with their romantic relationship, but in 2012 the couple announced a break.

According to the actors, the decision was mutual andvoluntary. Back in 2011, Johnny Depp met his future passion by the name of Amber Hurd, who has repeatedly stated her non-traditional orientation. Despite this, they began a relationship, and in February 2015, the couple entered into an official marriage.

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Even in his youth, Johnny Depp enjoyed a specialsuccess in women, and over the years nothing has changed. He easily managed to win the heart of a 29-year-old girl, who had previously been interested in women. This handsome guy will surprise the public more than once.

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Johnny Depp in his youth

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