Rihanna's Yellow Dress

The popular American singer RihannaLoves to shock the public. And, not only their behavior on the stage, but also images in clothes. We have already seen the singer many times in insanely frank dresses, transparent dresses, with spectacular hairstyles and makeups, which are discussed on the Internet and glossy publications for more than a month. The next big release of Rihanna on the red carpet was Met Gala, which is also called the "Oscar" in the fashion world.

A dress that can not be forgotten

This event was held on the night of 4 to 5 May inThe New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. To get on a loud social party with a mass of celebrities, it was necessary to buy a ticket worth twenty-five thousand dollars. On this occasion, stars with a world-wide name carefully select effective dresses and strive to outdo each other. In 2015, Rihanna was clearly the brightest, because her outfit gathered around her all the paparazzi, despite the fact that attention was also paid to Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez.

Special views were given to the yellow dress of RihannaWith a volumetric train and fur trim. Some bloggers and journalists have the impression that not one specialist worked for such a masterpiece and clearly for several years. As it later became known from the lips of the singer, that the outfit was really created for two years by the Chinese designer Guo Pei. The yellow dress of Rihanna has a multi-meter huge train, trimmed with yellow fur and embroidered with gold patterns.

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Rihanna's dress that blew up the network, a longTime was in sight and hearing. The fact is that Internet users began to create a lot of funny memes, the most popular of which became the similarity of the plume with an omelette and a base for pizza.

Rihanna in a yellow dress closeup

Rihanna rises up the steps with a straightened train

Rihanna's bodyguards help her carry the train

Fur coat on the dummy

Memes on Rihanna's dress

Meme on Rihanna's dress in the form of baking

Meme on Rihanna's roasted potato dress

Meme on Rihanna's dress in the form of a crochet

Meme on Rihanna's dress in the form of pizza with tomatoes