Adele and Beyonce

The singer Adel again is muddied with water, last monthShe denied the rumors about her unwillingness to sing along with Beyoncé, and now she refuses to cooperate with the American singer, who offered to perform as a duet.

Fan of the pop diva

The performer of the hit "Hello", who continues to beat all possible records, more than once said that she is a devoted fan of Beyonce and called her "queen".

Recently a British singerOpen up with journalists and talked about the first meeting with her idol. From agitation, Adele trembled like an autumn leaf in the wind. In a conversation between two talented women, Beyonce's husband Jay Zee intervened, who asked Adel to let his wife for a moment. She was shocked that he knew her name, ran out of the hall, fell on the carpet and burst into tears. Here's a heart-rending story ...

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The Modest Adele

According to the Oscar winner, her respect for Beyoncé is so great that she simply will not be able to stand side by side on the same stage with her. Is not Adel cunning?

Pop diva Beyonce invited Adele to sing a duet

British singer refused to cooperate

Blame everything for her respect for Beyoncé

Adele is a fan of Beyonce

The first meeting of the two stars was very touching

Adele burst into tears from emotions that filled her