The heirs of actress Audrey Hepburn showed rare images of the star

Within the unique photo exhibition "Audrey Hepburn: portraits of the icon" the sons of a remarkable British actress showed the public her rare and unknown pictures.

The Oscar winner appears in photos in all the shine of her charm, femininity and beauty. To see what Mrs. Hepburn was now also on the Internet.

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A true style icon

Audrey Hepburn was recognized as a model ofLife. She was the muse of the famous French couturier Hubert Zivanshi. Exquisite and yet surprising in its simplicity, the image of Audrey is trying to copy many celebrities in our day. But, it is necessary to recognize, it is not so simple, after all the star of "Roman vacations" and "Breakfast at Tiffany" is simply unique!

Naturally, the emergence of new, hitherto notPublished photo actress, caused a serious stir in the press and among fans of her talent. Sons of the actress, model and philanthropist, Luca Dotti and Sean Hepburn Ferrer, happily showed her photos. The main goal of this project is to demonstrate to the public what Audrey was in real life.

She was an amazing woman - elegant, stylish, modest, talented.

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