Angelina Jolie and her life tattoos

Sensual and passionate young Jolie beginningto leave on their body tattoos, dedicated to memorable events of life, as soon as they entered the world of the film industry. Everything went with the fashionable Chinese dragon's tattoo on the shoulder, then the stuffed names of loved ones, husband and brother, citations of different nationalities and tribes with deep overtones and just signs began to flash on their hands, back, belly.

All life on the body!

Some of Angelina's tattoos have been removed because ofRejection of the former way of life, so no longer noticeable tattoo with the name of the ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton or the dragon that Jolie inflicted on drunk. Interesting series of digital inscriptions on the artist's shoulder, growing over time - this is the list of birth coordinates of the relatives and adopted children Jolie.

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I wish everyone peace, love and prosperity!

Most recently, Angelina appeared on the setThe movie "First they killed my father" with an updated massive picture of the tattoo on the back. The paparazzi could not provide fresh photos for a long time, so the tape was filmed in Cambodia and it was forbidden to distribute information from the set.

But today the network has the first blurry photos of Angela Jolie's tattoo, symbolizing the Buddhist wishes of peace and love.

New tattoos of Jolie

Jolie and her new tattoos on the back

On the back of Jolie appeared sacred Buddhist drawings, symbolizing the wishes

Angelina Jolie already has more than 10 tattoos on her body

This is not the first tattoo by Jolie. For the last time she did another tattoo

Jolie some tattoos have already been deleted