Beyonce and Jay Zie are bred

One of the most powerful pairs in the world, Beyonce andJay Zee, this is the second year actively subjected to rumors of divorce. Star family was considered one of the most beautiful and happy. Officially Beyonce and Jay Zi consolidated their relationship in 2011. Literally since the wedding, they have proven themselves as a couple "without sin." Their passionate and passionate love could be seen on stage in a joint tour, in personal blogs, in the press. A year after the wedding, celebrities had a daughter, Blue Ivy. The appearance of the baby was only a confirmation of the reliability and cohesion of the stellar pigeons.

Nevertheless, in mid-2014 in the mediaLeaked rumors that Jay Z is changing Beyoncé. According to journalists, his choice was American singer Rihanna, who is also a trustee of him in business. At that moment, the rapper's wife dissolved the active refutation of these gossip by publishing a photo in the social network, where Jay Z with Beyonce and Rihanna. Very soon, the young people also performed together at a concert, where they showed the audience their passionate love, passion and confidence in each other.

The latest news - Beyonce and Jay Z are getting divorced!

Despite loud admissions to each other in loveAnd warm family pictures, it looks like the relationship between Beyoncé and Jay Z are leading to a final divorce. As the singer's friends tell, Beyonce is tired of pretending and showing happiness. All this is a mask and a lie. In fact, Jay Zi has long been cheating on his wife, which the singer herself knows. According to rumors, the couple does not live together, and even on tour Beyonce is populated in a separate room.

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As long as it's true, time will tell us. In the meantime, it remains only to observe the course of events.

Beyonce and Jay Zi at a joint concert in denying rumors about their divorce 2

Beyoncé, Jay Zee and their daughter at the MTV Music Awards 2014

Beyonce, Jay Zee, Rihanna - love triangle