Keith Harington expressed his opinion about male sexism in the movies

After the appearance of the British actor ChinaHarington in the television series "The Game of Thrones" behind him firmly entrenched the title of sex symbol. However, this state of affairs does not please Kit, and he told us what he thinks about sexism in the film industry.

Harington Interview Sunday Times Magazine

Crazy popularity of the series, but at the same timeAnd the love from the fans, increases with the release of each new series. This leaves a certain imprint on his personal life and future career. Recently, Harington is increasingly confronted with the fact that producers and directors of paintings want to see him only as a hero-lover or a superman who constantly needs to be exposed to the camera. This fact not only embarrasses Kit, but calls into question his actor's talent. In his interview with the British edition of Sunday Times Magazine Harington admitted:

"I fully support those actors and actresses,Who already raised the question that sexism flourishes in the film industry. But I just can not understand why everyone is talking only about women, because men are also concerned. I quite often encounter this, not only on the set of films, but also on photo shoots. You can not imagine how humiliating this is. It seems that I am being removed only because of my body, face and curls. I really want to think that I am wrong, however, if eventually it turns out that I'm right, then I most likely will leave this profession, no matter how difficult it was for me to do it "
In addition, Harington said that his social networks are getting more and more filled with strange appeals every day.
"You know, I came across the fact that my fansThey stopped treating me Kit, and they call me "Cutie", "Kitten", etc. This not only embarrasses me, but it also frightens me. Why when you turn to the girl "Doll", she, most likely, will take offense. Why does everyone think that this attitude to your favorite actor is permissible? It is not right. And this again proves that sexism exists not only in relation to women, but also to men "
Complained Kit.

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The Role of John Snow is China's most famous work

29-year-old Keith Harington was born in the UK,Where he lives until now. Actor's abilities to Kit were passed from his mother, although in his childhood he dreamed more about journalism than about cinema. In 2008 he graduated from the Central School of Drama and Stage Speech at the University of London. In the cinema and the theater he prefers to play in dramatic productions. His most famous work is the role of John Snow in the epic "The Game of Thrones".

British actor Keith Harington

Kit does not like being asked to undress in front of the camera

Keith believes that it is removed only for the sake of the body, face and curls

Almost at all photo sessions, China is asked to remove clothes

Keith in the film "Pompeii" also showed a naked body

Keith Harington in the television series "The Game of Thrones"