Travis Fimmel and his wife

The Australian actor is now actively developingHis own career, participating in several successful projects. However, fans are increasingly interested in Travis Fimmel and his wife or girlfriend. And if the life partner of the actor is not yet available, why.

Biography of actor Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel was born on July 15, 1979 inAustralia. His parents owned and own till now a dairy farm, which is located at a considerable distance from the major cities of the country. In addition to Travis, his two older brothers were also brought up in the family. Childhood on the farm was associated with a serious work, which the children devoted almost all their free time. Even studying at school thus receded into the background. However, Travis showed great success in football and even was able to get into the team of the youth Australian team.

It is the hope for a successful sports careerwas the reason for the move of the young man from his native farm to Melbourne, but trauma was an obstacle to the professional football training of Travis Fimmel. In the same period, he meets in the city of David Zeltser, who later becomes a manager of a young man. He convinces the young man that he can make a successful modeling and acting career, but for this it is necessary to go to the USA.

The first successful project of Travis Fimmel wasa contract with the fashion brand Calvin Klein, which invited a man to participate in an advertising campaign. But the first acting experiences of the young man were not so successful. So, the series "Tarzan", in which Travis played the main role, was received by the audience very coldly and soon closed. A more successful "Beast" with Patrick Swayze in the title role did not last long due to the illness of this actor. Travis, who played the role of team-mate of the main character, again remained without a job.

However, the charismatic Australian with a beautiful figure and piercing gray eyes noticed the directors and producers. Small roles Travis were offered quite often.

The real triumph of the actor was participation in theTV series "Vikings". Travis played the role of the leader of the Viking conquerors Ragnar Lodbrock. The series, the first season of which was released in 2012, was extremely successful and was very popular. Serious debut in the big movie for Travis Fimmel was the role of Anduin Lothar in the film "Warcraft", based on the world-famous computer game. Another important role that Travis worked on in 2016 - Stanislav "Kat" Katchinsky in the film adaptation of the novel by E.M. Remark "On the Western Front without Change."

Personal life and family of Travis Fimmel

About the personal life of the actor is not known too much. We can say for sure that Travis Fimmel is not married. Free from filming time a man prefers to spend in solitude, most often he goes to his native farm. There, Travis Fimmel communicates with his family, brothers, who still help their parents to run their household.

If, in an interview with Travis Fimmel, the conversationcomes to his girlfriend, he usually jokes, saying that he did not find his one. In addition, in some of his responses, the actor gives a fairly impressive list of qualities that should be in his chosen one. Not every girl can meet such serious demands.

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Such intelligibility even led to rumorsthat Travis Fimmel is gay or blue, but this version has not yet been confirmed, except that the marital status of the man remains unchanged and he is unlikely to soon leave the ranks of bachelors.

Travis Fimmel in his youth

Travis Fimmel in advertising Calvin Klein

Travis Fimmel in the series The Vikings

Travis Fimmel in the movie Warcraft

Travis Fimmel

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the actor says that he has not yet met his love

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