Anton Yelchin family

In 2017, there will be two films with his participation: "Pretenders" and "Thoroughbred". Also, the 27-year-old actor planned on July 11 to start directing work on the thriller "Travis", where the main role was to play Mila Jovovich. But all this was not destined to happen and now the family of Anton Yelchin, an American actor of Russian origin, mourns his loss. Recall that on June 19 this year the actor, who forgot to put his Jeep Grand Cherokee on a handbrake, was pressed to death by an iron horse to the fence.

The parents of the actor Anton Yelchin

The guy was born in St. Petersburg in the Jewishfamily. Starry Anton Yelchin no less famous mother, Irina Korina, and father, Victor Yelchin. Many know them not as the parents of a Hollywood celebrity, but popular in pair skating professional figure skaters. And his grandfather, the father of Pope Anton in 1946 was the player of the very first squad, and for a time coached the young athletes of the DKA Khabarovsk. And the guy's uncle is an American artist, children's writer and book graphic artist Yevgeny Yelchin.

In September 1989, during the period of cosmopolitanism,the family moved to the United States, where they still live. To date, Victor is the coach of the most prestigious American ice skating school. It was he who coached the American figure skater Sasha Cohen, who not only became the silver medalist of the 2006 Olympic Games, but in the same year she got the status of the US champion. As for the actor's mother, Irina, she is a very successful ice-show choreographer and many American television program makers have turned to her for help.

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Children of Anton Yelchin

As you know, the star has no children. True, his personal life is very little known: 4 years ago, Anton met Christina Richie, but after she moved to another city, the relationship was broken.

Anton Yelchin in his youth

Anton Yelchin famous Hollywood actor

Uncle Anton Yevgeny Yelchin

American artist Yevgeny Elchin Uncle Anton

Anton Yelchin with his mother

Anton Yelchin with his mother

Victor Yelchin father of Anton

Mother of Anton Yelchin Irina

Mother Irina with little Anton