Beyonce and Jay Zi - the highest paid show business couple

Forbes continues to sum up the year,Analyzing the incomes of celebrities and making up new ratings. This time the journalists of the newspaper wanted to find out which of the star couples in the duet could earn the most.

Family contract

The leader of the list were Beyonce and Jay Zee. Their total income for the last twelve months is $ 107.5 million. The singer and musician in almost equal shares contributed to the family budget. Beyoncé received 54 million profit and ranked 34th in a separate ranking, while Jay Z. made 53.5 million and is in 36th place. However, their total income allowed them to be ahead of other famous lovers.

It is noteworthy that Beyonce received its millionsThanks to the release of the album Lemonade and concerts, but Jay earned money not in the music field, but selling champagne and cognac of his own brand.

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Thanks Taylor Swift!

Become the first in Beyonce and Jay Z turned out due to the separation of Taylor Swift and Kelvin Harris. After all, only the income of the singer for the reporting period is equal to 170 million dollars.

According to Forbes, Beyoncé and Jay Zi earned a total of $ 107.5 million

The singer contributed $ 54 million to the family budget

Jay Z earned 53.5 million