David and Victoria Beckham

The union of David and Victoria Beckham is considered one of the strongest and happiest amongst star couples. Over the years, they have shown an ideal relationship to others.

Victoria and David Beckham - a love story

The novel of Victoria Adams and David Beckham began in1997. At that time both spouses were already popular - Victoria successfully sang in the group Spice Girls, David played for the football team "Manchester United". Their meeting occurred at a football match. Victoria did not ask David for autographs, which surprised him a lot, but wrote her phone number on a ticket, which, by the way, he still keeps. He, in turn, despite the fact that he dreamed to get acquainted with the soloist of a popular band, could only introduce himself. Love broke out at first sight and relations developed swiftly.

A year after the acquaintance, the stars announced their engagement, and soon got married.

The love story continues to this day - in 2015 the couple will celebrate the 16th anniversary of the wedding.

Wedding and children of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

The solemn wedding happened in July1999. The wedding of David and Victoria Beckham took place on a royal scale in one of the castles of Dublin. Currently, David and Victoria Beckham have 4 children:

  • At the time of the marriage, they already had a son, Brooklyn;
  • In 3 years there was also the second kid - Romeo James;
  • Son Cruz was born after the crisis that the family experienced in 2003 - the misunderstanding of the couple was due to scandalous rumors about the betrayal of David with assistant Rebecca Luz;
  • In 2011, the Beckham gave birth to the daughter of Harper Seven, a charming little girl, very much like her mother.

How many children from David and Victoria Beckham will have, they themselves can not say. The stars say that while they are not against the fifth baby.

Photoshoots of Victoria and David Beckham are oftenAppear on the pages of fashion magazines - the couple looks very harmonious, loves to dress in the same style and posing in front of the cameras. Often you can see Victoria and David Beckham with children in fashion shows - the popular mother did not leave the vocal career, but also became a designer.

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The couple had a number of times during their family lifeQuarrels, misunderstandings, but they try to quickly put up, do not inflate the elephant out of the fly and cherish their relationship. One of the reconciliations, for example, ended with a re-wedding, paired tattoos with the date of the wedding and the inscription: "All over again."

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