Jonathan Bricklin and Susan Sarandon - elusive happiness

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon is not used toShow your feelings in public, but the events of recent weeks completely knocked her out of the rut. Recall that the 68-year-old Oscar winner with dignity survived parting with his young man, Jonathan Briclin. They dispersed in the spring, however, it is not known who exactly proposed "to remain friends."

Despite the official change in statusRelations, Susan and her 38-year-old ex-boyfriend continued to spend time together on status events and even opened a joint sports club for table tennis in the center of New York.

Jonathan Bricklin: young people everywhere are dear to us!

It is understood that the information about Jonathan's new novelBriclina sounded for Susan, like a bolt from the blue! As it turned out, he began to meet with their mutual acquaintance, the granddaughter of the artist Pablo Picasso, the 64-year-old Marina. Mrs. Picasso also agreed to invest in the business of her young lover.

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The relationship between a talented actress and a participantReality shows began in 2010. The couple was very happy together and did not hide their tender feelings from the public. By that time, Susan Sarandon had already parted ways with the father of her three children, Tim Robbins.

Particular attention deserves the personality of Marina Picasso. This lady is the daughter of Paolo Picasso, who was the son of the famous artist and his wife, Olga Khokhlova, a ballerina of Russian descent.

Marina Picasso - New Passion of Jonathan Breclin

Sarandon and Bricklin love is in the past

Marina Picasso - the rich heiress of the famous artist