Mickey Rourke and his ex-woman model Anastasia Makarenko

The Infant of the Hollywood Territory, 62-year-old actor MickeyRourke is well known for his love of young beauties of model appearance from Russia. Recall that the star "9 1/2 weeks" at one time was in a relationship with the model of Sasha Volkova, he was credited with a romance with her compatriot, model Elena Kuletskaya.

However, over the past five years, MickeyRourke settled down, and chose the blonde Anastasia Makarenko. Evil tongues rumored that because of the love of a girl who suits his daughter, Rourke repeatedly and not always successfully resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. The couple planned to formalize relations. Whatever it was, but the model and scandalous actor broke up.

Insiders argue that between Anastasia and Mickey was not the first month was a real war. The 27-year-old model and her boyfriend constantly figured out the relationship.

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A new Russian beauty in the life of Mickey Rourke!

Do not rush to spare the odious sex symbol of the 80's,After the break with Anastasia Makarenko, Rourke was not so long bored in solitude. He was already seen in the company of another girl from Russia. This time the "wrestler" became Irina Koryakovtseva, who dances at the pylon in one of the nightclubs of the capital. They say that Rourke and Koryakowtseva met in Moscow.

Mickey Rourke was happy with the model Anastasia Makarenko 5 years

Dancer Irina Koryakovtseva

Irina Koryakovtseva, the new passion of Mickey Rourke