Beyonce and her daughter

In the press now and then there are rumors and partingsQueen R "n" B Beyonce and rapper Jay Zee. However, the photos that the singer shared in Instagram, serve as a refutation of the fact that their family will soon cease to exist.

Rest on the yacht as a response to evil languages

The actress with her beloved husband and daughter took inRent a yacht and currently cruise the Mediterranean. True, Jay Z and Beyoncé had to pay $ 900,000 for the boat, but the couple thus insured themselves against interference in their privacy.

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Beyoncé shows an amazing figure inStylish motley dress, as well as posing with the crumbs Blue Ivy and whole garlands of exotic flowers. We can assume that these photographs are a kind of the singer's response to the gossip, who are increasingly referring to her divorce.

Beyonce with her husband


Beyonce on the yacht

Beyonce posing on a yacht

Jay Zee

Beyoncé is as good as ever