Biography of Will Smith

The birthday of Will Smith is at 25September. It was on this day that the American actor was born in 1968. The boy grew up in a simple family. Smith's mother was a teacher in one of the local schools, and the father was an engineer. Will's parents broke up when the future actor was only thirteen. It was at that age that he had to grow up and rely heavily on himself.

Of course, the biography of actor Will Smith is saturated inMainly the facts of his stellar work. But it's also worth paying attention to his personal life. At the age of 24, the actor married the charming Shiri Zampino. But his marriage was barely lasted for three years, after which young people filed for divorce. During his time together in the Smith family, a boy was born, who was named in honor of his father Willard Christopher Smith III. Shortly, his parents called him Trey. After the divorce the boy stayed with his mother.

The second time, Will Smith married two years later onHis childhood friend Jade Pinkett. In this marriage, the actor has two children - the son of Jayden and the daughter of Willow. With his second wife, the actor lives up to now, although there have been bad rumors about the pair that have greatly affected the relationship between Jada and Will. The family of Will Smith often appeared in his biography in the section of the work. The younger son and actor's daughter even acted in film with him, and his wife always accompanies him in all ceremonies and premiers.

Will Smith's career

His fame Will Smith did not work in the movies. For the first time his name sounded almost the whole world, when Smith performed in a hip-hop duo in the 80's. Then the actor was first awarded the "Grammy" award as the best rap artist. Later, Will played a major role in the sensational series "The Prince of Beverly Hills", after which his personality became famous in every corner of the world.

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During his career, Will Smith was twice nominated for an Oscar, four times for the Golden Globe Award. Today, according to Forbes magazine, the actor is the highest paid in the world.

Will Smith and his second wife Jada Pinkett

Will Smith at the Oscar 2014 Awards

Will Smith with his first wife Shiri Zampino and son Trey