Audrey Tautou's personal life

Fans always look forward to detailsAbout her personal life, her husband and children, the talented French actress Audrey Tautou, but the celebrity is simply not ready to share this with others. Audrey believes that there is no need to spread such things.

The actress herself comments: "I'm so afraid to say too much that I do not talk about it at all! I'm a very bad customer for women's magazines. When we read interviews with actresses, I think we are not very interested in how she will talk about her played role. We expect to find out the most secret secrets of her life, about her family, her husband, her children ... I acknowledge that, as a reader, I am also interested in this. But in my case there is nothing to discuss for a long time. "

Is Audrey Toth pregnant?

Rounded belly and slightly tired face - this was enough for the birth of rumors about the likely pregnancy of the actress.

Recently, the network has information about the jointOdri's dinner with her companion. Informants hastened to notice the woman's round belly. One of the witnesses even said that during the toast, the actress changed her glass of wine to a glass of water.

Of course, the actress herself is still silent, and her agents answered that Audrey Tautou does not comment on her personal life. We only had to wait a few months to figure out whether it was true or not.

Audrey Totu is betrothed to her secret lover?

Did the beauty Odry still could meetmy love? French and British tabloids simply lost their way in order to obtain at least some information about the chosen celebrity. In 2013, in an interview for the journal Psychologies, which she did not agree for almost 10 years, the star said: "I think that now I'm on my way to some kind of balance in my life!". And this incredibly intrigued everyone even more. In June 2014, the actress went to London to present Michel Gondry's film "Foam Days", in which the actress played the main role. When she was giving an interview to one of the publishers, the journalist noticed a ring on her finger and asked unconcerned whether she was engagement. To which Audrey replied: "I do not know! It's enough?.."

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Recall that for all the years of the career of the actressReliably known only about the relationship between Audrey Tautou and Mathieu Shedid. Their relationship lasted from 2006 to 2008. They did not conclude marriage, since the actress does not believe in the institution of marriage, like most French women.

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