Eddie Murphy and Page Butcher - walks, coffee and expectation of the baby

54-year-old American actor Eddie Murphy is notHides his delight from what will soon become a dad. The man every morning appears in public with his pregnant girlfriend Paige Butcher, buys coffee and blithely strolls through the streets of Studio City, California.

As it turned out, Paige is very fond of coffee

Such unusual walks in the schedule of Eddie MurphyAppeared not so long ago. A couple of months ago, no one could have thought that this starry couple could easily be found in one of the cafeteria Studio City. And the reason for everything was the great passion of the future mother for coffee and morning walks. The star couple always appears at the same time and buys the same coffee. Dressed as Eddie and Paige, usually in black sportswear, and on the feet you can see comfortable shoes on a flat sole.

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Eddie Murphy is not the first child

Star actor baby from Paige Butcher will beThe ninth in a row. The previous 8 were born from four different women, 5 of whom from his wife Nicole Mitchell, and one from Paulette McCanney, Tamara Good and Melanie Brown. Now the oldest child is 26 years old. Paige Butcher is the first-born, whom the couple is looking forward to in the spring of 2016.

Morning Eddie and Page begin with coffee

Good mood is important

Morning walks Eddie and Page

Eddie and Page on the red carpet

Eddie and Nicole with children

Eddie with his daughters