Victoria Beckham sells her exclusive car

Famous singer and designer Victoria BeckhamBecame the face of the Range Rover Evoque in 2012. Then the trendsetter got an exclusive car of this brand. In the world of such cars there are only 200 pieces, not to mention the fact that Victoria has introduced into the interior design its vision of comfort and style.

The car is sold by the father

Not so long ago the site AutoTrader appearedAnnouncement of the sale of an exclusive car Victoria Beckham. She traveled on it for about three years and now decided that it's time to part with the car. The car is sold by her father: he communicates with a person who is looking for a buyer and, if there is a need, demonstrates it. The price I wanted to get for the Range Rover was 60,000 pounds, but it fell to 55,000 just recently.

Director of Sales Lookers Nick Horwood, whoUndertook to supervise the future deal, in his interview told the following: "This car had one owner - Victoria Beckham. She traveled on it for about three years, but last time the car is unnecessary. This is an exclusive model with a design that was made according to the sketches of the famous singer. "

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In an interview, Victoria Beckham confirmed the sale

After the press became aware of the saleRange Rover, the singer gave a short interview and explained her actions. "I'm selling this car, because I thought that David would drive him, but, unfortunately, this does not happen. It's really exclusive and for me this car is very proud. This is my first car, in which the interior and some elements of the body were made completely according to my sketches. This Range Rover reflects my personality and I hope that he will soon find a new owner, "she said at the end.

Victoria Beckham face Range Rover Evoque

The car of Victoria

Sale announcement

There are only 200 such cars

Vehicle interior

The design was developed personally by the singer

Now nobody uses the car

This car is the pride of Victoria

Victoria Beckham