The secret of the diet of Victoria Beckham is revealed!

The other day in the network declassified super-thoughtfulFood Victoria Beckham. This secular lioness not only builds a successful career as a fashion designer and effectively manages her own fashionable empire, but also amazes the audience with a wonderful figure, without a gram of excess weight!

How does it succeed Posh Spice? This was told by the personal cook of the ex-peppercorn Wolfgang Pak. According to him, the secret of harmony of the 41-year-old mother of four children is simple - she eats practically only fruits and vegetables! Until recently, Mrs. Beckham even ate meat and fish ... but now her table is exclusively vegetable food.

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Proper nutrition or manic fear of getting better?

And yet, what does this woman eat? Flour, fatty and sweet for a long time left her diet. And Victoria prefers to eat vegetables cooked for a couple. There is, however, and this lady has a small weakness - red wine.

It is worth noting that the most favorite dish of the designer is spinach. It is ready to eat it three times a day, in any form. Yes, on such a diet, even with a huge, desire to recover is simply impossible ...

The most favorite dish of Victoria Beckham spinach

 Personal chef told about the secret diet of Posh Spice

Beckham can not deny himself a glass of good red wine

The diet of ex-peppercorn is almost the same vegetables

Victoria has anorexia or is it just an unsuccessful shot

From such a diet you can not get well unless you get swollen with hunger