Eddie Murphy was born the ninth child

Hollywood movie star Eddie Murphy today became once more a father. His favorite woman, 36-year-old Paige Butcher, gave birth to a girl.

Mom and baby feel great

The girl was born in one of the privateLos Angeles clinic today early in the morning. While the father of the newborn, however, like her mother, no one commented on this issue. However, People magazine managed to communicate with the official representative of this beautiful couple and that's what he said: "The birth went well. The girl and her mom are doing fine. The newborn was born with a weight of 3600 g and an increase of 49.5 cm. Eddie and Paige named the daughter Izzy Una. "

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Murphy is the father of the record holder

Not every modern man canBoast that he has 9 children. However, Eddie Murphy proves that this is possible, although not all of his offspring, the famous actor wants to educate. With older children, he did not have any special problems, and he, as is supposed to be his father, gave them not much, but part of his free time. The conflict arose with, now, the penultimate daughter of Murphy. She was born 9 years ago from the ex-soloist of Spice Girls and named her Iris Murphy-Brown. However, the actor did not want to admit to the last that the girl is his child. In all his interviews, Eddie said: "I do not know whose child it is. Better ask her mother about it. " However, after the paternity test, the court ordered the comedian to pay alimony before reaching the Iris of 18 years of age. The monthly amount of payments is very impressive and amounts to 35,000 euros. After this decision, the actor sometimes began to see Iris Murphy-Brown, but from the words of her mother, he still does not want to participate in her upbringing.

For Paige Butcher, friend of the actor, Izzy is the first child. And judging by the way her young parents were anxiously awaiting her, they should not have any problems with the upbringing of the girl.

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy

For Eddie and Paige Izzy, the long-awaited child

Every morning the couple started with coffee

Paige and Eddie together since 2012

Eddie and Paige knew in advance how to name the newborn

Eddie and Page have always had a very warm relationship

That's what Paige Butcher looked like before pregnancy

During pregnancy, Paige tried to keep herself in shape

In addition to Izzy, the actor has eight more children