Rachel Roy and Jay Zee

American pop diva Beyonce and producer Jay ZeeAre considered one of the most famous pairs of show business. However, it's not the first year that rumors have been circulating about the singer's husband's betrayal. Most recently, her fans were agitated by the news about the novel by Jay Zee and designer Rachel Roy.

Rachel Roy and Jay Zee

The reason for rumors about the love affair between Rachel and JayZee became the song from Beyonce's last album Lemonade. His main theme was jealousy, betrayal and betrayal. One of the most striking songs was the composition Apathy, which contains words about a certain Beka with beautiful hair.

Rachel Roy has known the producer for years. She is a designer in the company, the creator of which is Jay Zee. Once she was married to a rapper manager, but then broke up with him.

Rachel is not the first to be involved inScandals associated with the quarrels of the stellar couple. So, in 2014 at the ball Met Ball Solange, Sister Beyoncé, pounced with fists on Jay Z. The reason for this was discontent over the rapper's treatment of Beyoncé. Just before that, Solange seriously quarreled with Rachel Roy.

The designer himself denies rumors about his involvement in the infidelity of Jay Zee.

The Treason of Jay Zee

It should be said that Rachel Roy is considered not the only suspected accomplice in the betrayal of the stellar producer to his wife. In addition, Jay Zee ascribe novels to singer Rita Ora and Rihanna.

Thus, Rita's defiant behavior was the reasonDissatisfaction with Beyonce fans. After the presentation of the album Lemonade, she appeared in the light in a provocative suit with a print of lemons. Rihanna, unlike Rita, prefers not to advertise her connection with Jay Z.

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A well-known fact is that Jay Z is the producer of all three singers. Its representatives make statements that with Rita and Rihanna rapper relations are exclusively businesslike.

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