Victoria Beckham prepares stunning cakes

42-year-old Victoria Beckham has a hidden talent,About which her fans did not even suspect. It turns out that the designer can cook delicious desserts. Recently, the mother of four children baked a plate of brownies, which Romeo and Cruz carried for the holiday at school.

Such a different

For the first time the world learned about Victoria Adams (Beckham), howAbout the participant of the group Spice Girls. Having finished singing, "Posh Spice" (Chic) became an actress, having played in the tape "Party in the Park". Marriage with an enviable bachelor David Beckham added to the beauty of popularity and she began actively to appear in advertising campaigns of eminent brands. As a result, Vicki created her own brand Victoria Beckham, becoming a couturier.

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Chef's confectionery

Mrs. Beckham published in Instagram a snapshot of a large plate full of chocolate cakes. On a piece of paper standing among the delicious, it is written:

"Brownie from Beckham."

The fallovers were surprised, thinking that the enterprisingThe wife of the famous football player decided to organize the release of personalized cakes or open a branded confectionery, but the truth was even more interesting. In a post to a photo Victoria has written:

"The holiday of summer in school. Who would have known that I could do that? Mom's duties. I did my best. "

I wonder if Vicki tried her creation in person. Celebrity, the figure of which differs slenderness and fragility, carefully monitors the calorie content of food and does not eat sweets.

Victoria Beckham showed her "secret" talent

Victoria Beckham baked a lot of Brownies cakes

The designer made delicious dishes for the school holiday of Romeo and Cruz

Beckham did not try the sweet things

Wiki can be seen with a cake in hand only during a photo session

Beauty refuses sweet for the sake of a harmonious figure