Travis Fimmel's private life

A young and attractive Australian actorTravis Fimmel, who in the past proved to be a successful model, has many fans around the world. Girls and women who have long liked the handsome, wonder why he has not yet parted with bachelorhood and has not found the one that would make him happy.

The absence of an engagement ring on the fingersa handsome young man almost always becomes the cause of gossip and speculation. A similar situation is observed here - in the press repeatedly there are rumors that Travis Fimmel is blue, and the absence of his personal life only confirms these suspicions.

Nevertheless, the famous actor and his officialrepresentatives do not confirm these gossip and report on the traditional sexual orientation of a young person. Let's try to understand what exactly happens in the personal life of actor Travis Fimmel, and whether he has a family and children.

The personal life of actor Travis Fimmel

Although Travis Fimmel will soon turn 37years, he was never officially married and all his free time prefers to spend on a huge farm located in Australia near Melbourne. It was there that he spent all his childhood, and his brother's brothers still remain true to their native land.

Moreover, there is no reliable information about how,that a young man connected at least a passing romance with a girl, in the press is not available. Perhaps Travis Fimmel is so secretive that he does not allow anyone from outside to interfere with his personal life, and perhaps he has never really had a relationship with the opposite sex.

No information is available about the actor's children. According to journalists and fans, he is completely alone and in the near future does not even plan to acquire a family.

Of course, such a situation could not be left withoutattention of others. Many people who even remotely interested in the creativity and personal life of Travis Fimmel, thought about his orientation and suggested that the young man is gay.

Although the actor and his official representatives are notconsidered it necessary to confirm or deny this information, in fact, exclude the attraction of Travis to the representatives of the male can not. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that in no spicy situations the famous actor was not seen, and none of the journalists ever called the possible name of his "half."

All assumptions and assumptions concerningunconventional sexual orientation of Travis Fimmel, are built exclusively on the fact that the 36-year-old man does not have his own personal life, and also his participation in the advertising campaigns of underwear as a model.

Some pictures from the model past of the youngpeople look rather piquant and provocative, but there is no reason to consider them even an indirect confirmation of the unconventional sexual orientation of a man. In addition, for a long time, Travis Fimmel appeared before the public, both in films and in photographs, exclusively in a manly appearance.

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Apparently, the rumors around the personcelebrities will cease only when he officially announces his wedding and the birth of his first child. Fans of Travis Fimmel can only wait for the same girl to meet on his way!

In the past, Travis Fimmel was a successful model

a young man took part in advertising underwear

photo from the actor's past

Travis Fimmel in the past - the face of the brand CK

with her friend Sharon Osbourne

Today Travis Fimmel looks manly

Travis Fimmel attracts many fans around the world

Travis Fimmel and his wife Ozzy Osbourne Sharon

Travis Fimmel is not lucky in his personal life