Kate Beckinsale dressed up in a costume ... sex organ

What the celebrities do not spread in theiraccounts in social networks! They come up with all sorts of things to amuse the subscribers and create an informational excuse. Beauty Kate Beckinsale decided to join the mass movement of Hollywood actresses against sexism, but it did so painfully original.

She tried on a suit of a huge inflatable phallus and in this form took pictures in her living room. And the commentary to the photo is available:

"This is a simple girl who tries to achieve something in the world of men ..."
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Feel free, but effective?

The 42-year-old British actress is a well-known lover of jokes. It is possible to assume that she is just rehearsing some new role in the comedy project ...

Although, given that recently more and more of her female colleagues are advocating for equal rights, Kate could very well join the flash mob against sexism in such an original way.

In any case, her act was hardly taken too seriously. Although for the first few hours a picture and scored more than 3000 likes, a bunch of reposts and a sea of ​​funny comments.

Just a girl who is trying to do something in the male world

In this way, she tried to express her protest against sexism

42-year-old Hollywood celebrity likes to play a trick