Rihanna has added dreadlocks

Rihanna will surprise her fans with beauty experiments, inventing unexpected images. This time, the singer did not dye her hair, nor cut it, but increased dreadlocks below her belt.

A-la Bob Marley

In her Instagram, Rihanna posted a snapshot of her dreadlocks. Previously, her hair was much shorter, therefore, it is obvious that the long dreadlocks covering the ass are accrued by the hairdresser.

With an exotic hairdo on her head, a beauty can safely be recorded in the Rastafari movement!

Cool or past century?

The opinions of Riri's subscribers were divided. Some of them liked the girl's dreadlocks, they say that the tangled strands are very much to the face of the original glamorous actress. Their opponents do not hide that they will be happy if the singer soon gets rid of the untidy hairstyle. The latter also asked Rihanna what rapper Drake thinks about her hair.

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By the way, the singer is not the first time doing dreadlocks, she already tried to wear them in 2012, but for some reason, then they did not get accustomed to Riri's head. Instead of them, a long square appeared.

Rihanna published a new image

Riri last Friday at the Christian Dior show in Paris

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In 2012, the singer already wore dreadlocks