Internet users criticized a picture of Rihanna and her niece

Rihanna outraged even her dedicated fans,Having laid out on the page in Instagram a disputable photo. In the frame, a naked singer kisses on the lips the naked 3-year-old niece Majesty in the bathroom. What had not RiRi heard about her ...

Kind aunt

The 28-year-old Rihanna has not yet acquired her own children, but she loves to fiddle with the kids. The singer loves to babysit with her niece Majesty, who also needs her godchild.

Parents of a cute little girl with joyLeave it in the care of RiRi. Together with the little girl the performer goes on shopping, she goes to rest and is just engaged in everyday affairs. Photo report on leisure with Madge, she often places in social networks, receiving a sea of ​​compliments from the followers. But this time, a flurry of criticism fell upon Drake's ex-girlfriend.

Invalid behavior

An ambiguous frame appeared in Rihanna's accountYesterday, but already caused a heated debate in the network. The picture shows the bathing of Rihanna and Majesty in the bathroom. All anything, but the girl and the singer are photographed completely naked and kissing. For many this moment seemed not touching, but unnatural.

Critics consider this manifestation inadmissibleFeelings for the girl, and even more so the placement of such pictures on the Internet. They rightly point out that any pedophile can save a photo with a baby. As a result, the fallovers recommended that RiRi give birth to her child and stop "substituting" the daughter of her sister under attack.

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It seems that Rihanna does not agree with the negative comments, since she did not remove the frame from her page.

Rihanna outraged Internet users

 Rihanna and Majesty are sealed naked in the bathroom

The star spends a lot of time with Majesty's niece

The singer often takes the baby on trips

The girl accompanies the star to social events

RieRee baptized her niece in Barbados