Beyonce in thought: politics or music?

Active citizenship Beyonce and her husbandJay Zee is known for a long time, but no one expected that musical and creative ambitions would stop them satisfying. The couple participates in numerous charity and social projects, is closely friends with the family of the former US president, and now, according to the information of American tabloids, has reflected on a political career.

Beyonce with her husband after the performance

Is Beyonce getting ready for the election?

Earlier, Western media considered the optionThe appearance of a new figure in the political establishment, but they relied on Jay Zee and his incredible ambitions. The other day, the online tabloid MediaTakeOut voiced an absolutely opposite point of view: the family is betting on Beyonce and its impeccable reputation. According to journalists, political consultants are invited to the staff of the singer's team and the strategy of the electoral program is being developed. The tabloid claims that the singer is planning to nominate her candidacy in 2018 as the measure of Los Angeles.

Michelle Obama and Beyonce

Michelle Obama and Beyoncé are friends and participate in charitable projects

Beyonce is actively involved in social projects

Beyonce is a volunteer in many humanitarian funds

Political ambitions Beyonce - fiction tabloid MediaTakeOut!

The news of Beyonce's political ambitionsA lot of questions not only among fans, but also in the world of show business. Therefore, the official representatives of the stars hastened to give a refutation of the rumors and assure that the singer does not plan to finish her musical career.

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Beyoncé does not plan to quit his musical career

In American history there have been several examples,When show business people became part of the political elite of the state, so the likelihood that Beyoncé or her husband Jay Z will want to prove themselves in politics is quite possible.

Star spouses are friends with the family of former US president

Star spouses are friends with the family of former US president