Alec Baldwin defeated Lyme disease?

Watching the life of celebrities, it seems to us thatthese people have no problems. However, this is completely wrong! Famous actors suffer from the same problems as "mere mortals." So one of these days it became known that the famous actor Alec Baldwin was ill with borreliosis.

It turns out that the unpleasant symptoms thatAccompany this disease, better known in the West as Lyme disease, chased the star for as long as 17 years. He told about this, speaking at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

Alec Baldwin with his wife and two children

Fear for the health of loved ones

Alec Baldwin admitted that he had everythingClassical manifestations of this ailment. True, after the vaccination the condition returned to normal, but very soon the tick ticked him again and the health problems returned:

"I suffered all that is associated with Lyme disease -Sweating, weakness, spots on the lungs and condition, as with the flu. I was sure that I was dying. At that time, we had already parted from Kim, and I lived completely alone. I remember lying in my bed and thinking that I was about to die, and I hoped that my body would be found as soon as possible. "
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Negative experience made the actor be prudent. He and his current wife carefully double-check the children after returning from a walk, looking for places for tick bites:

Halaria Thomas, Alec Baldwin and his Daughter Ayrlen

"I want children to feel themselvesSafety on the nature - went on horseback and on bicycles, walked. We do not like to be seen under a magnifying glass every part of their skin in search of ticks, but I can not help it - it's part of my life. "