Drew Barrymore is jealous of Cameron Diaz to her husband!

Imagine, there are also such loveTriangles: husband, wife and wife's best friend ... Judging by the revelations of the insiders of the publication RadarOnline Cameron Diaz, along with his bosom friend Drew Barrymore, it turned out exactly this situation.

Drew Barrymore can not stand the husband of Cameron Diaz

It turns out that the beauty of Barrymore does not perceive the spouse of his girlfriend, musician Bendzhi Madden! The guy terribly annoys the Hollywood star, and she does not hurry to hide her emotions.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

The star of "Charlie's Angels" believes that her husband has changed her old friend very much and is not for the better.

Tattoo in honor of his wife

Friend or beloved husband?

It turns out after his marriage in 2015,Cameron Diaz became a real homebody. She prefers to be at home with her husband, and not "light up" at parties with a friend, as before. Her life, according to Barrymore, has become fresh and boring.

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Kiss in public

And Bangey is very similar to the bad guys fromDrew, she is afraid that he will spoil the life of her beloved friend, make her sick. She warned of this to the actress on more than one occasion and, of course, it's a shame that she lost her partner at parties.